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FREE Report: Seven warning signs that your manufacturing operations are becoming obsolete

FROM: Pat Weber

Dear Friend and Colleague:

Are you concerned that you may be losing your competitive edge? Do you know how to check if your operations are current and delivering real value?  Do you know how much money you’re leaving on the table due to ineffective operations?

I would like to offer you a report listing seven important signs that your operations are not as effective as they could be.  In this FREE report you will learn:

  • What your experience with the manufacturing “skills gap” may be telling you about your operations.
  • How to see the “temporary patches” in your operations workflow that have become unintentionally permanent.
  • How key productivity indicators (KPIs) can actually be counter-productive.
  • Why you need a manufacturing operations technology (OT) strategy.
  • Why you should really care about you capital asset effectiveness.
  • The one technology that can tie together your operations work processes and your information systems.

This report is not lengthy – five pages total – but serves as a checklist which can help you attain world-class leadership in manufacturing operations. Click here to obtain your copy of this report now!

I truly hope you’ll read this report because I know that you will find new areas of operational improvement in your organization that will bring increasing value to your bottom line!

All the best,



Pat Weber

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