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“Technology is a gift of God. After the gift of life it is perhaps the greatest of God's gifts. It is the mother of civilizations, of arts and of sciences.” - Freeman Dyson

Manufacturing executives have a fundamental problem: their production processes are frequently developed with an incomplete knowledge of the capabilities of available technology.  As a result, they are leaving money on the table and limiting their ability to compete.  They have experienced the disappointment of implementing information system solutions without significant benefit and yet get requests for even more technology.  IT costs rise as new systems are added, but the additional benefit is imperceptible on the balance sheet.  Managers are rightly suspicious ​of investing more, and demand rigorous return on investment analyses before accepting new system implementations.  But even the detailed studies and due diligence often fail to guarantee success.

The problem usually isn't with the technology - it results from the "little rules" the people on the plant floor have used over the years to accomodate the technology and make the production processes work.  These rules are the actual DNA of the organization, and are typically passed down verbally to each new employee by his/her trainer.  They are familiar and comfortable; they become second nature and unquestioned.  These rules are so much part of the environment that new technology is "customized" to fit the rules rather than re-engineering the process to take advantage of the new capabilities. As a result, new technology is "bolted on" to the existing process environment rather than integrated into a new way of working.​

Integrated Automation Consulting can help.  Our experts will analyze your processes in detail to uncover value from existing systems or to help plan a manufacturing system architecture which will allow your strategies to be executed with lower long-term IT costs.  Call us today at 1-440-552-5937.